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    With in-depth knowledge, UNIP is leading the way with modern technology as a provider of Portfolio management and SMSF administration services. Portfolio management the way it should be done.

    SMSF Tax Return & Audit starting at $669 to $959.

  • Multi-Portfolio

    Our unique Multi-Portfolio system allows you to trade across multiple brokers or multiple accounts with the same broker including CFD trading. The Smart CGT engine will provide a consolidated report and optimise tax across all accounts.

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    By combining Portfolio and SMSF functions into one integrated online application we are able pass a great savings to our customers.

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Welcome to UNIP.

UNIP is a Universal Portfolio Management System for DIY SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund), Businesses and Personal Investors.

The system has been meticulously designed using modern technology to give the utmost precision for all portfolio management transaction processes. It features comprehensive reports for Capital Gains Tax, SMSF Member Entitlement, Trust Distribution calculation on Tax Deferred and all other aspects of portfolio management year end reporting.

UNIP is an Australian owned and operated company, committed to offering the absolute best in DIY SMSF and portfolio management. Our unique state of the art platform is reliable, affordable and user friendly providing effortless accurate results when it comes to managing your investments.

Platform features:

  •  SMSF Administration
  •  Multi-Portfolio Management
  •  Capital Gains Tax Reporting (CGT)
  •  Trust Distribution
  •  Tax Reporting
  •  Corporate Action Processing

SMSF Portfolio Administration

  • Up-to-Date Portfolio Valuation
  • Automated Corporate Actions
  • Consolidated Capital Gains Tax Report
  • Trust Distribution Reporting
  • SMSF Member Transaction Management

Capital Gains
Tax Reporting

  • Prior year losses
  • CGT from Trust Distributions
  • Tax Free/Tax Deferred
  • Indexation option on shares bought before 21st Sep 1999
  • Minimise tax by selecting the best parcel across multiple portfolio

Solution for

  • Personal Investors
  • SMSF Investors
  • Accountants
  • Financial Planners
UNIP Australia Pty Ltd (the Company) do not provide any investment or legal advice. We recommend that you seek advice from an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) licensed financial adviser/planner.