Quick Guide

Below details will help you quickly setup account (Fund, Portfolio and Bank/Cash account) and Transactions for your SMSF or Portfolio.

Click on a section to toggle it.

  1. By default you are in the Fund Create page (alternatively you can click on My Dashboard and then click on Fund Create link). Set up your fund account here, note each Fund is a separate tax entity.
  1. On your Dashboard, use Edit button to update fund name and related informations or click on the row to manage/select a fund.
  1. Before you can enter any transaction, you need to create accounts. Create trading, cash and asset accounts via the Accounts menu.
  2. Create share trading(s) accounts here. Note: You can create multiple share trading accounts.
  3. Create Bank accounts here. Note: You can create multiple bank account, you need to link to a trading account for reporting purpose.
  4. Create Other Assets account(s) here. These are you personal assets including property, fixed interest, collections etc.
  5. For Personal Assets you also need to enter prices (example shown below for a property asset.)
  1. Enter or load your bank transactions via the Banking > Bank Transactions menu link Note: Use the UPLOAD option to upload bank transactions via file (CSV format ONLY), use Bank Transactions Reports menu link for all bank transactions.
  1. Enter all share and unlisted managed fund transactions here, use the UPLOAD function to load historic transactions, (Download format from the link provided).
  1. Enter all personal assets here.
  1. Manage your automatically generated transactions or create corporate actions for unlisted managed funds. Note: For listed/unlisted managed funds and trusts, you need to enter your annual tax statement at year end.
  1. Bonus Share Plan (BSP) : System is set to generate dividends automatically as at ex-date, if you have elected a BSP option for a stock then you have to change the dividend record to a Bonus Share Plan, see the screen shot below.
  1. This menu applies to SMSF fund members only, create your member details here for each member in the Fund.
  1. This menu applies to SMSF fund members only, Enter SMSF member transactions here.
  1. Reports are available online to view with an option to export to PDF format.

    Banking Menu
    - Bank Transactions Report
    Reports Menu
    - Portfolio Valuation
    - Portfolio Performance Report
    - Asset Allocation Report
    - Trade Report
    - Realised CGT Report
    - Unrealised CGT Report
    - Dividend/Interest Report
    - Expense Report
    - Tax Reconciliation Report
    SMSF Menu
    - Member Pension Details
    - Member Valuation Report
    - Member Transaction Report
    - Member Statement Report
    Accounting Menu
    - Trial Balance Report
    - Balance Sheet Report
    - Profit & Loss Report
    - Ledger Transaction Report

If you can't find an answer to your question or you have further questions, send us an email support@unip.com.au