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Our feature-rich online portfolio management system is ideal for SMSF & Personal investors and Accounting & Financial Planner practices. It has been built to capture the latest taxation rules to ensure your fund get the most from our state-of-the-art platform.

We are committed to offering the quality and cost-effective on-line Portfolio Management platform to investors across Australia. Let our clear and simple platform ease your investment administration pain. Our dedicated team of professionals certainly do it right.

Key Features

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  • Consolidated report across multiple portfolio accounts
  • Calculation includes prior year losses
  • CGT components from trust distributions
  • Tax Free and Tax Deferred from distributions
  • Option on Indexation Gain over Discount Gain on Pre-1999 shares
  • Tax Free on Pre-1985 shares
  • All dividends, distributions and interest from bank accounts
  • Bank expense transactions
  • LIC Gain deductions from dividends (discounted)
  • Realised summary and detailed report uses 3 phase CGT Optimisation process to give the best CGT result
  • Sorted by CGT Sequence on current year losses, other gain (short term), indexation, discount gain, pre-1985 gain/loss
  • Individual trade parcel per stock by Portfolio
  • Includes Tax Free, Tax Deferred & CGT components from trust distributions
  • Income and Expense summary
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) summary
  • Tax Free and Tax Deferred from Distributions
  • Distributions taxable in previous financial year and paid in current year
  • Member contributions including rollover summary
  • Analyse your stock gains/losses prior to trading
  • Gain/Loss estimate includes any Tax Free & Tax Deferred on remaining tax parcel(s)
  • Manage multiple portfolio accounts per tax entity including CFD trading, Options trading and Short Selling
  • Separate portfolio valuation with un-settled trades, dividend payable and cash balance summary
  • Automatic corporation actions with the ability to override
  • Member Administration
  • Member Contribution/Rollover transactions
  • Member Valuation/Statement as at Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund