Super Stream

Seamless integration with SuperStream

SuperStream refers to a suite of measures introduced by the Australian Federal Government to help make back office operation of super funds more efficient, including those managed by trustees of Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Employers must submit super contribution to the complying super fund including SMSF via the electronic gateway. Electronic gateway is nothing more than an electronic mail box where the contribution are delivered by the employers and received by the SMSF administrators.

SuperStream ESA Integration

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ESA stands for Electronic Service Address, a virtual mailbox service provided by the gateway service providers between your employer and your SMSF super fund administration provider. Allows your employer to send your contribution details straight to your SMSF fund administrator via the selected gateway electronically. Combining the SMSF ABN and ESA, makes it a unique address that belongs to your SMSF Fund.
As long as you as an employee or SMSF trustee are registered with an ESA provider, UNIP will receive notification about your contributions. UNIP has registered with ESA providers, this service is free to SMSF trustees.

UNIP uses below SuperStream gateway providers (ESA), this service is free to SMSF trustees and to UNIP.

  • Open a Macquarie Cash Account
  • Fill in the form and send to your Employer

UNIP will receive electronic confirmation from the provider each time contributions are received in our mailbox. We will download this data electronically and upload into your account. It is that simple. You do not have to do anything other than register with one of the providers mentioned above.